Taliban Bans Women From Leaving Afghanistan Without Men

Taliban Bans Women From Leaving Afghanistan Without Men

(TheRedWire.com) – The Taliban is enforcing a new set of extreme guidelines for travel, particularly for women. According to the extremist group’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, Afghans traveling abroad must report their destinations to authorities, and women won’t be able to travel at all without a male chaperone. The regime had already imposed a 72 kilometer limit on women traveling inside the country.

Mujahid says the restrictions apply to all Afghans, including those awaiting transport as refugees under an agreement with the Biden administration. Thousands of Afghans, men and women, aided the US and its allies during the war and occupation and fear for their lives. Taliban officials gave assurances they would still allow those people to evacuate, but the conditions under which that will happen are now unclear given the current situation.

The Taliban claims it has concerns over “poor conditions” reported in counties receiving refugees as US troops withdrew. Mujahid said several countries processed Afghans without finalized visas. Refugee evacuation flights out of Qatar were mostly suspended in December when the Taliban brought similar issues to that process.

A State Department spokesman says the US relies on the Taliban to offer safe and free passage to our allies in the country, as agreed.

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