Teen Calls 911 After Escaping Her House of Horrors

Teen Calls 911 After Escaping His House of Horrors

(TheRedWire.com) – It’s hard for most parents to imagine anyone purposely hurting their children. Yet, in one California home, that’s a mild way of describing what happened to 13 children. Recently, officials released a 911 call by then-17-year-old Jordan Turpin after escaping from her house of horrors and calling the police. Jordan’s parents subjected the young lady and her 12 siblings to unspeakable abuses for her entire life.

Turpin fled her home to call the police, but she had no idea where she was or where to go. It was only one of a few times she’d even stepped out the front or back door of her house. The abused girl told a 911operator her parents abused them. When the dispatcher asked for her location, she couldn’t provide it because she didn’t know. The police eventually located her using the GPS on her phone. Within hours, the authorities took the parents into custody and rescued all the remaining children.

On November 19, Jordan and her oldest sister spoke with Diane Sawyer publicly for the first time since the trial. The sisters said their parents tortured, choked, beat, and shackled them to beds for months at a time. Their parents deprived them of food, hygiene, health care and education, they added. The Turpins pled guilty to torture and holding their 13 kids captives. A judge sentenced them to 25 years to life in prison.

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