Texas Gov. Abbott Labels Space Force and National Guard Proposal a ‘Power Grab’

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has opposed a recent proposal that would allow Air National Guard members to be put in Space Force roles without receiving the consent of the governor. 

Abbott in a letter to President Biden argued that the proposal was a threat to the National Guard as it would give the Air Force Secretary the right to just unilaterally decide to have Air National Guard units transferred to the Space Force. Abbot sends the letter on May 3. 

On Monday, he referred to the new rule as a “power grab” and pointed out that it would just result in governors getting sidelined by the National Guard commanders in chief in every U.S. territory and state. He added that by moving away from this logical arrangement and having the Secretaries dismantle the units of the National Guard unilaterally, Legislative Proposal 480 would lead to a dangerous precedent” being introduced. He continued by pointing out how important it is for Texas National Guard members to always be ready to respond to any civil disturbance, natural disaster, or cartel activity that could threaten the lives of the people in the state. 

Abbott is not the first governor to call for LP480 to be discontinued as in April dozens of other governors had written with Abbott to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin against the new law. As they had pointed out at the time this law would really limit and weaken their authority in the state. More importantly, it would be a threat to the National Guard units’ readiness and efficiency. 

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