The DOJ Is Letting an Arsonist Attacker off the Hook, Congressman Says

The DOJ Is Letting an Arsonist Attacker Off the Hook, Congressman Says

DOJ Decides To Let Attacker Off The Hook

( – When many compare the actions of the Department of Justice in the 2020 riots that destroyed government and private property across America with the January 6, 2021, Capitol Hill riot, they see a two-tiered system of justice. Count Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) among the critics.

In June 2020, video surveillance caught 19-year-old Victor Sanchez-Santa lighting a cloth and setting a New York Police Department vehicle on fire. Three months later, a grand jury indicted the young man for arson.

Still, in February 2021, the acting US Attorney for the Southern District of New York deferred Sanchez-Santa’s prosecution for nine months. Under a deal with the defendant, the US attorney’s office would drop the charges for good behavior and compliance with the agreement. Now, the young man is walking scot-free, and Rep. Banks sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding to know why.

Banks said government prosecutors appear to have a habit of leniency with left-wing rioters. On the other hand, prosecutors have only dismissed a handful of the cases involving the 862 individuals charged for their role in the January 2021 riot. Banks called it a two-tiered justice system where violent rioters get a slap on the wrist and January 6 trespassers received the maximum prosecutorial punishment recommendations.

The Indiana Republican called the two situations a case of politicization of the law and an attack on equal justice before the law.

So, do you agree with Rep. Banks?

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