These Democrats Are Trying to Paint Ron DeSantis as a Dictator for Their Own Personal Gain

These Democrats Are Trying to Paint Ron DeSantis as a Dictator for Their Own Personal Gain

Look How Democrats Are Targeting Ron DeSantis Now

( – It wasn’t long ago that Florida was a deep purple state capable of swinging presidential elections. Yet, it hasn’t voted for a Democratic governor in over 20 years. Things could get a lot worse for Democrats as Republican voter registrations outnumbered them by approximately 176,000 voters at the end of May. Heading into the first week of July, Republicans increased their registration lead to 180,000, and some suggest it could be 200,000 by the end of the month. That disadvantage could be pressuring Democrats running for governor to make some desperate statements.

DeSantis barely won the gubernatorial election in 2018. Still, that didn’t stop the Conservative from pushing back on Biden’s COVID agenda or progressive policies. On Thursday, July 21, Democratic gubernatorial candidates Charlie Crist and Florida Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried lambasted the governor in their first and only debate. Fried went so far as to call the governor a “dictator.”

Desperate Democrats Attack DeSantis Without Much Substance

While the two Democrats occasionally clashed, they directed most of their ire at the Sunshine State’s popular conservative governor. Crist is a former Republican Florida governor turned Democrat. He labeled DeSantis a disaster and the worst chief executive in the state’s modern era, and also claimed the Republican Conservative didn’t care about the state’s citizens. Instead, he said the governor is a rising GOP star whose ambitions are in Washington, not Tallahassee.

Fried is the only statewide elected Democrat in Florida. She took credit for being the first person to label DeSantis a dictator. Still, neither candidate defined how DeSantis was not acting in the best interest of Floridians and likely hoped the “dictator” label would stick with Florida Hispanics, who come from dictatorial countries like Cuba and Venezuela.

According to the polls, that’s unlikely to work as Hispanics continue to shift from the Democratic to the Republican Party. Nonetheless, Crist holds a 16-point advantage over Fried ahead of the August 23 primary.

DeSantis Leading Florida Into New Conservative Majority

Over the last two years, Gov. DeSantis has worked closely with the Florida legislature to enact measures consistent with the conservative agenda. He pushed back aggressively against the Biden administration’s policies on COVID, especially on masking and vaccine mandates. In addition, in 2020, DeSantis was the first governor to re-open his state in the country.

On social issues, the governor has struck a firm tone on education as he fought against woke policies in schools. On Friday, July 15, he denounced political opponents for sexualizing children, pushing transgender issues, and using Critical Race Theory to change their understanding of history and race.

On issues of taxes and business, DeSantis signed the state’s largest tax relief bill in state history. The legislation gave back $1.2 billion to state residents to fight Biden’s inflation tax.

In head-to-head polling, DeSantis leads Crist by nearly 9 points and Fried by almost 13 points in the RealClearPolitics average of polls. If the state continues to add Republicans to the voter rolls, don’t you think it will be difficult for a Democratic candidate to defeat the incumbent governor this fall?

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