This Country Avoids US 2020 Election Mistakes

This Country Avoids US 2020 Election Mistakes

( – Unlike the United States, the French handle their voting the old-style way. In 1975, the European country banned mail-in voting over concerns of potential voter fraud. In 2021, President Eammanuel Macron’s centrist government tried to persuade the French legislature to allow early voting during the pandemic, which went nowhere. So, how does France’s election system work?

First, the French allow only paper ballots. To cast a vote, a voter must be 18 years of age. Once they have a ballot, the voter must make their choices behind a closed curtain. After voters finish filling in their ballots, they each place their ballot in an envelope, and the envelopes go in a transparent ballot box.

Then, the voter must present identification and sign a document attesting they’re registered to vote to complete the voting process. Volunteers count each ballot one at a time, and then officials use software to record and report the results. By conducting elections requiring hand-counted ballots, photo id, and limiting mail-in voting, France avoids many of the problems that impacted the highly contested 2020 election.

France also uses a two-round system. Theoretically, one candidate could win the first round if they garner 50% or more of the vote, but that hasn’t ever happened. On Sunday, April 10, France conducted its first round of the presidential election. French Presidentl Macron garnered 27.6% of the vote, Marine Le Pen received 23%, and Jean-Luc Melenchon got 22%. Macron and Le Pen will face off in the next round on April 24.

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