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Report Shows Pro-Life Centers Attacked More Frequently Than Abortion Facilities

Report Shows Pro-Life Centers Attacked More Frequently Than Abortion Facilities

( – In early May, someone inside the US Supreme Court leaked Justice Samual Alito’s draft opinion that would serve as the basis to overturn Roe v. Wade in the High Court’s final decision in late June. The act sent the Court into a temporary state of shock as leaks are extraordinarily rare from inside the building. Soon after, the media declared some pro-life supposed extremists would instigate violence against pro-abortion groups.

The data revealed that the media and Democratic groups got it all wrong. Pro-life centers became attack victims far more frequently than abortion facilities. Still, the Department of Justice hasn’t made arrests of abortion activists who misbehave. On the other hand, the DOJ has targeted numerous pro-life activists and charged them with crimes.

Pro-Life Centers Targeted Far More Than Pro-Abortion Groups

On Monday, October 31, the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) released an exclusive report demonstrating that pro-life advocates experienced much more violence than pro-choice ones since the media began reporting on the Supreme Court leak on May 3. The data says between May 3 and September 24, pro-life groups experienced 135 attacks compared to six on the other side. CPRC said pro-abortion groups refused to share with them any additional cases they couldn’t find through the news and other sources.

CPRC President John Lott told Fox News Digital the data disputes the media narrative that the Right is responsible for much of the politically motivated violence throughout the country. He said the research showed pro-life advocates experienced 22 times more violence than their far-left counterparts.

On June 24, the National Abortion Federation said that in 2021 statistics showed intimidation, vandalism, and other activities to block abortion care increased significantly. It noted that stalking rose 600%, blockades of abortion facilities rose 450%, and assault and battery jumped 128%, among other tactics.

While the media is quick to cite data harming pro-choice groups, Lott said reporters “accepted pro-choice claims of violence” after the leak. In June, radical abortion group Jane’s Revenge accepted credit for attacks on pro-life groups and declared “open season” on them. Pro-choice activists attacked facilities with graffiti and firebombed a facility in Buffalo, New York. Vandals have attacked Catholic church buildings and lit some on fire. Far-left groups also interrupted church worship services.

DOJ Targets Pro-Life Groups

While the DOJ hasn’t made any arrests of pro-abortionists participating in violent acts, it has used the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE) to indict 14 people. Of the 26 FACE Act indictments handed down from January through October, all involved pro-life activists. They are facing fines that could exceed $200,000 and up to 11 years in jail. In 2021, federal prosecutors only charged four individuals with FACE Act crimes.

So, why hasn’t the DOJ charged anyone with crimes which violated houses of worship or tried to destroy pro-life facilities?

You be the judge.

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