This Kamala Harris Picture Is Being Labeled a “Hostage Photo”

This Kamala Harris Picture Is Being Labeled a

( – For several months, rumors swirled around Vice President Kamala Harris, hinting she’s a workplace bully. In recent weeks, stories emerged that her office has been in a perpetual state of chaos. Four senior aides recently announced they are resigning, and others are reportedly right behind them — reportedly over the office dysfunction. Those who worked for Harris in the past said they weren’t surprised and stated her leadership style could be dehumanizing. Yet, the vice president’s advocates say some people can’t handle working for a strong, groundbreaking vice president.

It appears one aide wants the world to know he’s proud to work for Harris despite all the negative criticism and attention. Deputy Director of Operations David Gins tweeted a picture of himself at his desk, appearing very focused on his work. The young man stated he loves his job and thought some should know that information. Possibly he felt compelled to share because the criticism against the VP has grown inside and outside the media.

One Twitter user stated the image looked like a hostage photo. While the tweet may be an authentic response, it’s not a good look. The question is, who staged the picture? Did Gins feel it appropriate to do it independently, or was it done by Harris or her public relations team? Either way, it comes off as a bad attempt at a positive public relations spin.

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