This New TV Show Is Being Called Racist

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Amazon’s New Show “Ring Nation” Is Already Being Called Racist

( – MGM Studios will premiere a new show on television stations across the country on September 26. Its premise resembles the longtime hit television series America’s Funniest Home Videos. Instead of using camera footage caught by a person, the video will come from Ring security cameras. Wanda Sykes hosts the new television program called “Ring Nation.” After its release, left-wing activist groups decried the show, alleging it contained racist content that would harm people of color and those seeking an abortion.

The groups recently published an open letter. They say Ring promotes its product using racial coding and weaponizing race. They also claim Ring’s Neighbors app “gamifies the profiling and criminalization” of minorities. The letter added that in 2021, the security cameras tracked and monitored rioters in the summer of 2020, intimating the company profits from fear and racial profiling.

Additionally, on an associated website, organizers suggested MGM promoted surveillance devices like Ring that are not family-friendly. They insinuated that the coalition supporting their cause cared about ensuring privacy rights and protecting minorities and those seeking abortions.

Ring is a smart home security system allowing people to monitor their homes or see who’s ringing the doorbell over a phone app. Some say the device is turning neighborhoods into a surveillance operation. It records video to the cloud for owners to review, keep, and share with neighbors within a 5-mile radius and law enforcement when appropriate.

Still, would a liberal Black LGBT comedian really host a racist show?

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