Thousands Of U.S. Voters Receive Wrong Information

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

( – Over 6,000 voters in a new congressional district have received postcards containing incorrect voting information in Alabama. The information which was meant to help boost Black voting power ended up alarming advocates who are worried about how the false information could negatively impact the race which is believed to be important for increasing Black representation as the Democrats are hoping to be able to win back the United States House in November.

Montgomery County Board of Registrars chair James Snipes has argued that 6,593 county voters have received postcards that included the wrong congressional district following a problem with the county’s election software which misidentified some of the people who live in the 2nd Congressional District. The software mistakenly sent those people information regarding the 7th Congressional district. 

Snipes has observed that voters heading to the polls would still retain the ability to cast their ballots for the appropriate candidates. Since Tuesday night, the county sent around 2,000 notices and would be sending out another 4,000 on Wednesday. He added that everyone who arrived in their precinct would be able to vote for the correct candidates and that the misinformation was just a result of a “software glitch.” He added that this was a “good-faith effort” and that the error had occurred when adjusting to the recent change in state congressional districts. 

Montgomery County, which is now in the 2nd Congressional District, has around 159,000 registered voters. This is following the federal court’s new congressional lines that were drawn in November after the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled that the state was attempting to dilute the voting power of Black residents. This was found to be in violation of the Voting Rights Act.

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