Threat of Taiwan Invasion By China Hits All-Time High, Republicans Blame Biden

Threat of Taiwan Invasion By China Hits All-Time High, Republicans Blame Biden

Taiwan INVASION Report – This Is Not A Drill

( – In the wake of the botched US military withdrawal from Afghanistan and other foreign affairs fumbles, many foreign affairs experts believe that China has been closely observing the US response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as it considers its next move in potentially invading Taiwan. Since Russia’s February invasion, The Washington Free Beacon reported that tensions in the Taiwan Strait reached all-time highs as Communist China’s push toward reunification is more serious than at any time over the last five years.

On Tuesday, May 17, the Free Beacon obtained a copy of a letter from eight Republicans to President Joe Biden, some of whom serve on the House Armed Services Committee. They demanded that the president commits without hesitation to publicly declaring he would protect Taiwan’s security and make it clear to Chinese officials that the US would act if China initiated any military aggression against the island nation.

The Biden administration has sent conflicting messages to China. Early in the administration, Biden committed to defending Taiwan’s sovereignty before backtracking.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), the author of the letter, wrote that China is watching the slow, self-defeating posture of the US response to Russia as it envisions its own invasion of Taiwan. The Indiana Congressman said the only way to deter China would be to make it crystal clear that the president would use the full might of US national power to defend Taiwan without hesitation. Banks added that Biden’s attitude toward China was deferential and needed to change.

Stay tuned. This saga could become another tragic story.

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