Three Women Wanted After Committing “Anti-White” Crime

Three Women Wanted After Committing

Three Suspects NAMED – A Crime Against White People!

( – While many think that racism is often a white-on-black issue, that isn’t always the case. Just ask a grandmother of biracial children who was on a New York City bus headed to see her mother. Jill LeCroix is a 57-year-old who endured an alleged anti-white crime by three young black women. The grandmother of five said that as the bus passed a cemetery, one of the girls started yelling on the packed public transit system that she was going to bury LeCroix.

The woman claimed that she was the only white person on the bus. One of the three unidentified black women said she hated white people, including how they talk and their skin cracks. LeCroix said one of the women had a Bath and Body Works bag, took out a scrub, and said she was going to beat her with it because that’s what white people deserved. LeCroix concluded by stating that before the young women hit her, they asked if she liked Trump, to which she replied with a resounding yes. Perhaps the attack could have been politically charged as well.

After the incident, a fellow bus passenger told LeCroix she was bleeding from a gash on her head. It took three staples to close the wound. Police say they put out a video of the alleged attackers, who were likely in their late teens to early twenties. They are investigating the matter as a hate crime. The grandmother said nobody had ever attacked her before, and the incident left her shaken.

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