Thug Pulls Gun on Reporter on Live TV

Thug Pulls Gun on Reporter on Live TV

Reporter THREATENED On Camera – A Gun Was Pulled!

( – Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the United States, however, it is still among the leading cities for gun violence. In recent weeks, gun violence has rocked the city. In early May, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) initiated a 10 pm weekend curfew for minors due to the ongoing gun violence after a teenager was involved in a shooting death.

On Wednesday, May 25, a horrifying scene occurred on live television. As FOX32 reporter Joanie Lum and her camera crew shot a live news scene about gun violence in the city, an unidentified man walked out of a coffee shop with two cups of coffee. As the man entered the camera’s view, he put one cup on top of the other, took out a handgun, and mimicked firing the gun toward Lum just one foot from her head. The suspect continued walking down the sidewalk away from the news crew as he waved the gun at his side.

Chicago police said no gunshots were fired and released a photograph of the suspect taken from the video. The news station noted Lum and her crew were unhurt in the incident. The station thanked viewers for the many calls and emails over their concerns for the news crew.

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