TIME Magazine Hails Communist Lockdown Enforcer as China’s Best Hope

Time Magazine Hails Communist Lockdown Enforcer as China's Best Hope

Time Magazine Gives INSANE Title To Communist Leader

(TheRedWire.com) – The media loves to promote a list of people it deems worthy of rewards. They could be leaders in business, government, science, the arts, or politics. On Monday, May 23, TIME Magazine came out with its list of the 100 most influential people of 2022. People making the list included Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), Tom Brady, and even President Joe Biden.

If you think that’s controversial, TIME figuratively blew the socks off several readers’ feet with another article praising Sun Chunlan, the second-highest Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader. In addition to the magazine naming her among the top 100 most influential people of 2022, Beijing Correspondent Charlie Campbell wrote a fluff piece about Sun. Interestingly, the praise comes even though Sun may not be the feminist icon that Time made her out to be.

Who Is Sun Chunlan?

China promoted Sun as a Politburo Member and China’s Vice Premier. According to USChina.org, Sun worked in the trade union and women’s federation for 40 years. In 2012, she became only one of two women serving on the CCP Central Committee. Still, is Sun a great Chinese feminist icon as Time portrayed her, or is she just another brutal CCP henchperson?

In recent years, Breitbart News said President Jinping had used Sun to enforce the country’s brutal lockdowns during the COVID crisis. Ahead of each COVID lockdown in a Chinese city, Sun appeared just before the CCP propelled thousands of Chinese citizens into highly unsanitary and highly unhealthy quarantine camps.

Sun’s appearances before each lockdown resulted in her becoming one of China’s most unpopular Party leaders. In Shanghai and Wuhan, citizens recently jeered at her as she supervised the lockdown enforcement.

Yet, if you read TIME Magazine’s praise of Sun, you won’t find criticisms or disapproval.

TIME Praises the Mini-Dictator As China’s Best Hope for Reform

Charlie Campbell not only omitted Sun’s deep unpopularity over her lockdowns, but he also praised her as a Chinese icon. He wrote the number 2 ranking CCP official worked her way up the ladder, starting her career as a watch-factory worker and progressing to lead a province and a port city. The Beijing correspondent praised the 71-year-old as the top CCP official overseeing the control of the pandemic as major cities continue to experience significant bouts of COVID and complete shutdowns of society.

On April 9, The Epoch Times reported that people in Shanghai greeted Sun’s arrival with anger and desperation, declaring that her lockdowns left them without any food and screaming at her that they were starving. Shanghai has 26 million people and is China’s largest city. Nevertheless, Sun is upholding Xi’s strict zero-COVID policy.

TIME says she’s the reformers’ best hope and strongest argument. If that’s so, what does that say about China?

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