Time Magazine Journalist Claims Free Speech Is a “White Male Obsession”

Time Magazine

Liberal Journalist Makes INSANE Claim About White Males

(TheRedWire.com) – In April, Twitter agreed to sell its platform to Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk for $44 billion. Musk repeatedly stated he intends to privatize the company and end censorship on the platform. On Friday, April 29, Time Magazine published an article by correspondent Charlotte Alter, who appeared frightened by the idea of free speech rights and turned it into a racial issue.

Alter said that free speech is a white male obsession. The journalist accused Musk of seeking to acquire influence and power and said that he is more interested in spreading disinformation than ensuring Constitutional liberties.

Alter even wondered why Musk would care about free speech and what people can or can’t say on Twitter. Alter cited a Stanford University professor who insinuated that Musk bought Twitter to make it a free speech platform simply because he can, not because he cares about the issue. According to Alter, Musk puts a premium on accomplishing the impossible. Thus, his desire to break the liberal consensus on free speech is just another boundary to shatter.

Could it be that many liberal-minded individuals like Alter equate controlling what people are allowed to post on social media with some notion of safety? Perhaps, yet, that idea runs contrary to the principles of the First Amendment and the founding fathers. In early 1775, Benjamin Franklin warned the colonists during negotiations with Britain that giving up liberty to obtain temporary safety (from King George III) would prove them worthy of neither liberty nor safety.

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