Time Traveler Says He Has Proof of Apocalypse

Time Traveler Says He Has Proof of Apocalypse

(TheRedWire.com) – Since the beginning of time, humankind has come across unique individuals making claims about the future. In the 16th century, Nostradamus accurately predicted several events that occurred well beyond his lifetime. Were they lucky guesses or premonitions? Know one knows for sure.

Now, a man claims he time traveled in a 2004 top-secret mission to the year 5000. The assigned task from his Los Angeles laboratory was to study climate change and report back. Well, he’s returned, and he claims he has proof of the apocalypse.

The man, who’s mysteriously only known as Edward, told ApexTV that Los Angeles was completely underwater when he arrived in the future. Shocked and dazed, Edward claims to have an undoctored picture of what Los Angeles looks like in the year 5000. Astonishingly, the time traveler said he spoke with people in the future. They told him that global warming was the culprit.

Edward did his best to obscure his true identity. Television producers smeared Edward’s face and distorted his voice. Is his story believable? Before you decide, NASA says it’s impossible for humans to time travel. However, only you can decide if you believe his story or not.

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