Tom McClintock’s Wife Dies After Taking Chinese Herbal Treatment

Tom McClintock's Wife Dies After Taking Chinese Herbal Treatment

Congressman’s Wife DEAD – The Cause Has Been Revealed!

( РAcross America, millions of people take supplements to better their health. Still, in some cases, they can be more harmful than helpful. In December, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) discovered his wife, Lori McClintock, unresponsive at the couple’s California home shortly after returning from Washington, DC. She was ruled dead not long after, but her cause of death remained unknown up until recently, when a Sacramento County coroner ruled her passing as an accident Рthe cause being a Chinese herbal treatment she had ingested.

Some people use Mulberry leaves to fight hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Humans have used it in traditional medicine for centuries, and most people don’t experience side effects. Still, the coroner reported a partial leaf was found in her stomach. Researchers say part of the tree has toxic milky white sap. It can result in an upset stomach and even skin irritation. In some instances, it even causes nausea, diarrhea, bloating, constipation, and dizziness. In McClintock’s case, an autopsy revealed she suffered gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach and intestines).

CEO and president of the Natural Products Association, Daniel Fabricant, told the New York Post the coroner’s determination was “speculative.” He stated that people die every day from dehydration, and there are many reasons why it happens.

Lori McClintock was 61 years old. She married the congressman in 1987. At the time of her passing, Mrs. McClintock worked as a real estate agent.

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