Top Dem Ripped To SHREDS After Secret Video Gets Leaked

Democrat Senator Slammed Over Wife's Comments to Journalists

Democrat Senator Slammed Over Wife’s Comments to Journalists

( – Over the last several years, movements to defund the police have become a real issue in numerous large cities. Still, many Democrats claimed it wasn’t a serious issue or downplayed it publicly. On Monday, November 7, Sen. Michael Bennet’s (D-CO) Republican opponent, Joe O’Dea (R-CO), blasted him after journalists caught the Senator’s wife on video talking with them about how to conceal defunding the police.

Susan Daggett, who teaches law at the University of Denver, said the most successful political moves in Washington, DC, are the ones never seen in the media. At one point, she laughed and agreed with two journalists over the Inflation Reduction Act, which she said was a way to hide the Left’s climate and health agenda. Daggett pointed out that Democrats could accomplish much more of their left-wing agenda if they didn’t discuss it.

She told the reporters that once things cooled down, lawmakers could insert funding for mental health and other Democratic priorities if they didn’t call it police reform. Bennet’s wife added that there were ways the Left could strategically place things in legislation without calling attention to them.

O’Dea blessed the couple as “radicals.” He stated she said the quiet part out loud and noted Democrats pulled a fast one on voters. The Bennet campaign labeled the release of the videos as a “despicable ambush theater.”

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