Top Democrat BREAKS From Own Party – Could End It for Them!

Last Pro-Life Democrat Leader Is Causing Problems for His Party

Last Pro-Life Democrat Leader Is Causing Problems for His Party

( – In the liberal media, pundits continue to hope that abortion will catapult Democrats to victory in the House and Senate. As voters struggle with inflation, crime, and illegal immigration, the party that holds power in the White House often fails to retain or secure majorities in Congress. So, will abortion be the issue the Left hopes it will be on November 8?

Democratic candidates are campaigning vigorously on the controversial matter. They promise they’ll work to pass federal abortion protections. It could be more campaign political rhetoric than reality. Still, polls suggest abortion could be a problem for Democrats. There may be another obstacle, even if they somehow pull off holding the House’s slim majority. The last pro-life House Democrat is causing problems for his party.

Pro-Life Democrat Causes Pain for the Party

Republicans only need to net five seats in this midterm election to take back the majority. In the May Texas Democratic primary, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other caucus leaders embraced Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX). He represents a district along the Texas and Mexico border stretching to parts of San Antonio and Laredo.

Cuellar has been one of Congress’ most conservative Democrats since he was first elected in 2005. Despite agreeing with the GOP on immigration, guns, and abortion, Democratic leaders helped him secure the primary victory and now need him to win the midterm election. In the primary, he narrowly defeated a far-left candidate who ran on climate change, $15 minimum wage, and “Medicare for All.”

Cuellar poses a significant headache for the party despite their best efforts because he’s in a toss-up race against Republican House candidate Cassy Garcia (R-TX). Democrats must question whether he’ll have the resources to win, and if so, at what cost to the party.

Cuellar Drains Democratic Resources

While Democrats focus on abortion, recent polls show it may not be the driving force for most voters. On Sunday, September 25, an ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that most voters are focusing on other issues. The results included:

  • Economy – 89%
  • Education – 77%
  • Inflation – 76%
  • Crime – 69%
  • Abortion – 62%

When pollsters asked voters who they trusted more on critical issues, 52% gave Republicans a thumbs up, and 38% gave the nod to Democrats.

Still, Democrats believe abortion is their key to victory. So, big-donor pro-choice groups promised to spend $150 million to help pro-choice candidates. Not a single dollar is going to help Cuellar. As Republicans gear up to pay $400,000 in ad buys to aid Garcia, protecting the Texas Democrat will become the problem of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and other Democratic groups. They’ll need to use precious dollars to help Cuellar instead of spending it on other crucial races.

Cuellar’s race is already one of the most expensive this cycle, and it’s early October. If Republicans win on election night, Cuellar’s seat could pad the GOP’s margins in January. If not, it might even make Democrats’ margins smaller than they already are. Either way, the conservative Democrat has caused many problems for his party.

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