Top Democrat Falls Victim To Crime As Colorado Auto Thefts Surge

Photo by Acton Crawford on Unsplash

( – One month ago, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston from Colorado had his vehicle stolen for the second time on record.

ABC’s KMGH-TV7 reported that the mayor’s office had not released any information about the theft or where the incident occurred. In the release from the office, they noted that this was in order to keep Mayor Johnson and his family protected.

This is not the first time that Johnston’s vehicle has been stolen. According to a 2017 post on X, formerly known as Twitter, his vehicle had been previously stolen from an Office Depot location in Denver. In his post at the time, Johnson stated that law enforcement had been informed of the incident and that his car had been painted blue and orange.

Fox KDVR 31 reported in March that motor vehicle theft has almost doubled between 2019 and 2022, with 43 percent of crimes so far in 2023 having been related to vehicles.  This includes vehicle theft, as well as “criminal mischief around a vehicle.”

Republicans who are working to keep control of the House of Representatives in 2024 have been trying to highlight the increase in crime in the area as they try to win Colorado’s 8th Congressional District.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Delanie Bomar recently argued in an interview with Breitbart that Yadira Caraveo, the Democratic congresswoman who holds that seat right now, has allowed the crisis to grow. She argued that her gentle approach towards criminals “has backfired” against other citizens who enter the city.

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