Top Executive SUSPENDED–Violent Assault Reported

Meat Alternative COO Sinks His Teeth Into a Man After Football Game

Meat Alternative COO Sinks His Teeth Into a Man After Football Game

( – Crazy things sometimes happen at football games as enthused fans root for or against teams. Still, most don’t believe they risk their personal safety at a sporting event. Yet, one fan experienced an oddly personal attack on Saturday, September 17, after a University of Arkansas Razorback game. According to police, 53-year-old Beyond Meat Chief Operating Officer Doug Ramsey turned violent in a fit of road rage and sunk his teeth into the man.

A police report obtained by a local news outlet said Ramsey accused a man of contacting his SUV with a car as people tried to leave the parking garage. The COO allegedly punched out the rear window of the individual’s Subaru. He then grabbed the man and pulled him closer before punching the driver and biting his nose with so much force it ripped the man’s flesh.

Police charged Ramsey with third-degree battery and making terrorist threats. On Sunday, he posted almost $12,000 in bail. Neither Beyond Meat nor the COO responded to media inquiries.

The food company makes plant-based food products resembling meat. The company began to struggle recently as the market appeared unfavorable to plant-based imitation meat. In 2019, the company was worth $14 billion in market capitalization, and its stock price was approximately $150 per share. On Friday, its stock sold for $18.29 per share for a valuation of $1.16 billion.

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