Top Media Station Panicking After a Change in Presidents

Top Media Station Panicking After a Change in Presidents

( – Could one of America’s most prominent liberal news outlets be taking a new direction? In February, longtime MSNBC president Phil Griffin departed the left-leaning network after 25 years at the helm. He’s responsible for many of the brand’s left-wing talking heads, including Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and Brian Williams. New MSNBC President Rashida Jones has a different vision for the news outlet, and upper management may be amiable to a change in direction.

Some MSNBC employees expressed concerns Jones may want to take on CNN. To do that, she would need to focus the company on hard news. The ratings wins over CNN during the summer’s congressional hearings and the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill excited network executives.

However, nervous employees want Jones to focus on the prime-time lineup. Maddow may step aside from her prime-time show sometime next year. If so, who would fill her spot? Some say Jones often points to daytime anchor Nicolle Wallace, but it’s unclear if the former Bush Republican official turned anti-Trump journalist would want the job.

Some critics believe Jones’s penchant for hard news will hurt the prime-time slate long-term, accusing her of being out of the norm, not creative, and lacking a vision for the network. A few cite her corporate style as part of the problem; however, upper management may not agree.

In the coming months and years, there could be a lot of changes at the liberal network.

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