Top Reporter Goes MISSING – Did He Know Too Much?

Reporter Has Not Been Seen Since FBI Raided His Home

Reporter Has Not Been Seen Since FBI Raided His Home

( – Investigative news journalists often go where few dare to tread. For instance, former Emmy Award-winning ABC reporter James Gordon Meek journaled a breaking report about a 2017 Pentagon coverup and a deadly ambush by ISIS on US soldiers in Niger. Subsequently, on April 27, 2022, heavily armed FBI agents raided his home. A neighbor told Rolling Stone magazine that after the raid, it was as if the reporter “fell off the face of the Earth,” and the neighbor suggested nobody had seen the journalist since.

The FBI won’t comment about the raid, but Rolling Stone Magazine reported the agency found classified material on his laptop. Meek’s attorney, Eugene Gorokhov, told the magazine his client wasn’t aware of the allegations by anonymous sources. Still, Gorokhov said if the charge were true, it would be reasonable because he covered government wrongdoing in his capacity as a journalist and writer.

When asked to comment by Rolling Stone, ABC News said Meek resigned and emphasized he hadn’t worked for them for months. Lt. Col. Scott Mann, a retired Green Beret, was writing a book with the writer. Since the FBI action, Mann said the reporter asked him to remove his name and information from the book because he couldn’t remain part of the project. The former special forces soldier stated Meek contacted him in the spring, informing his co-writer that he was dealing with serious personal issues. When the journalist said he needed to back out of the book, the veteran noted he didn’t know what the challenges were but honored the request. Mann finished the project without him.

So, where is Meek? It’s a mystery.

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