Top Republicans Refuse To Endorse Trump

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Many prominent GOP leaders have not yet announced whether or not they would be supporting former President Trump’s 2024 presidential bid. This is despite the fact that Trump is currently leading the Republican primary in most polls.

However, even in early-voting states like Iowa and South Carolina, many GOP members have not yet announced whether or not they would be endorsing Trump.

Still, it is very early in the race and Trump is currently the only major Republican leader to have joined the presidential race. It is also speculated that many are waiting to see whether Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) will place a bid on the White House before deciding who to support in the primary. DeSantis is currently believed to be the biggest challenger to Trump and one of the few candidates that could win the Republican nomination despite Trump being in the race.

Brian Seitchik, an Arizona-based GOP strategist has said that many GOP members are still waiting to see what Trump’s campaign is going to be about. He added that many are hoping to see Trump’s campaign focused on inflation, and border security as well as focusing on all the successes of the Trump administration. However, there are also many who fear that Trump’s campaign is going to be too focused on the “stolen election” and how he is not given the credit he deserves for everything he does.

Recently Trump visited both New Hampshire and South Carolina. He spoke at the New Hampshire Republican Party’s annual meeting and proceeded to unveil his South Carolina leadership at the State House in Columbia.