Transgender Police Officer Exposed as Predator

Transgender Police Officer Exposed as Predator

Transgender Cop ARRESTED – So Many Child Victims!

( – National concern regarding issues related to transgender individuals has heightened in the last few years. Initially, many people expressed concern when businesses and schools started allowing people to use bathrooms based on their gender preference over their biological gender. Stories have been emerging of women in prison being impregnated by male biological inmates who identify as women. Now, the Daily Caller reported that a police officer, who identifies as a transgender woman, developed relationships with children and sexually abused them.

Diana Guevara is a biological male. Before changing her gender identity, she was a Miami-Dade police officer. On July 13, deputies arrested the 33-year-old for unlawful sexual activity with minors and other related crimes. The Sheriff’s office alleged that while Guevara conducted police interviews with children, she took advantage of them in a pattern of predatory behavior. Neither the Citrus County Sheriff’s release nor press coverage mentioned the suspect was a biological male.

It appears a parent overheard one of the child victims talking to another minor about the sexual activity with Guevara. That same parent reported the information to law enforcement.

During the resulting investigation into the allegations, Sheriff’s deputies discovered sexual photos and videos from Guevara on social media pages. Police booked the transgender woman in the county jail.

On July 14, a judge issued a bond for $47,000. The courts scheduled her arraignment on charges for August 4.

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