Transgender Prisoner Moved From Prison After Impregnating Two Women

Transgender Prisoner Moved From Prison After Impregnating Two Women

Transgender Inmate REMOVED From Prison After Doing This

( – Over the last several years, transgender issues have taken center stage in the American debate. It has affected girls’ and women’s sports and has even become a topic of controversy in the prison system. Around a year ago, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and New Jersey settled on a policy allowing prisons to hold inmates based on their gender identity, not their biology. Now, it appears a transgender inmate in a New Jersey women’s prison got two female convicts pregnant whilst serving for manslaughter.

In June, the New Jersey Department of Corrections transferred 27-year-old Demi Minor out of the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for women. NJ Advance Media first reported the pregnancies on April 13. The media outlet said Minor impregnated the two women after they consented to the sexual relationship with the biological male. Edna Mahan had 27 transgender inmates at the time.

A judge sentenced Minor to 30 years for killing his former foster father in 2011. He isn’t eligible for parole until 2037. The NJDOC said it would continue to follow its trans policy. Still, some wonder: when will states with trans policies wake up?

In 2021, a New York transgender inmate raped a female prisoner at Riker’s Island. In a Washington State Corrections Center for Women, a trans inmate supposedly raped a mentally challenged woman while the prison confined them in a jail cell together.

It begs the question: given prior events, should correctional facilities house prisoners based on their biology, or should it be done based on gender preference?

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