Transporting Teens for Gender Change Surgery Will Be Illegal Under New Idaho Law

Transporting Teens for Gender Change Surgery Will Be Illegal Under New Idaho Law

( – For several years, debate raged around transgender youth in sports. In Connecticut, three female high school athletes sued asserting that biological transgender males were superior athletes that robbed girls of championships and athletic scholarships. Youth transgender issues led Texas and Alabama to ban biological transgender boys from participating in girls’ sports. It appears that Idaho is taking things one step further.

On Tuesday, March 8, the Idaho House of Representatives passed HB675 on a 55 to 13 Republican party-line vote. The proposed law would make it illegal to provide transgender-related treatments to minors. In addition, it would become a crime for an adult to provide permission for a minor to receive transgender medical services or to allow a minor to leave the state to receive transgender services. If passed into law, it would also make providing transgender care to minors, including hormone treatments, a felony.

Republican lawmakers argued children shouldn’t undergo sterilization and mutilation treatments. They stated children needed the bill’s protection to avoid potentially life-altering gender reassignment procedures before they even reach the age of consent. Democrats, who are in the deep minority in Idaho, said the bill was disappointing and that doctors shouldn’t face a felony charge for doing their jobs.

Republican Gov. Brad Little hasn’t indicated if he will sign or veto the bill if the state Senate passes the measure.

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