Trucker Convoy Drives Through DC

Trucker Convoy Drives Through D.C.

( – Throughout January, Canadian truckers made headlines for restricting access to Ottawa, and shutting down trade routes in protest of the government’s COVID-19 restrictions. On February 23, a group of American big rig operators, inspired by their colleagues in Canada, left California and arrived in Washington, DC, on March 4. Since then, the People’s Convoy has been circling the 64 miles of interstate roads around the nation’s capital to protest mask, vaccine, and other COVID mandates.

On Tuesday, March 15, government officials warned drivers major interstates would be heavily congested due to demonstrators’ activity. They said motorists should expect significant delays and encouraged people to take alternate routes, if possible. To prevent truckers from getting into Washington, DC, and blocking traffic, Metropolitan Police temporarily closed several streets and highway exits.

Despite the road closures, the convoy managed to slip past the Pentagon before crossing over the 14th Street Bridge into the city. The protest created heavy traffic delays as the truckers honked their horns and waved American flags. Ultimately, the convoy returned to the interstate.

The trucker protest is unlikely to end anytime soon. The convoy leaders attempted to acquire a permit from the National Park Service to hold a two-week-long rally on the National Mall, but officials partially denied the application.

There’s likely to be more news about the trucker convoy.

Stay tuned.

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