Trump BETRAYED From Within

Trump's Niece Predicts Donald's Business Practices Will Bite Him

Trump’s Niece Predicts Donald’s Business Practices Will Bite Him

( – Before announcing he was running for the White House in 2015, former President Donald Trump owned $2 billion in property in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and other major US cities. He holds more than $122 million in real estate along the Atlantic coast. On Monday, October 17, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform released data saying the Trump Organization reportedly billed the Secret Service $1,185 per night at Trump properties on dozens of occasions, including after he left office in January 2021. Now, his niece predicts his business practices will come back to bite him.

On Saturday, Mary Trump alleged her uncle’s company overcharged the Secret Service “five times the government limit” to stay in his hotels. She added that she would never understand why the billing practice wasn’t a bigger deal. While the House committee and the former president’s niece try to shed light on the story, the Trump Organization said the Secret Service agents stayed at the business’s properties at cost or for free.

Newsweek reported Trump stayed in his properties 547 times while in office. Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney wrote the agency, asking it to comply with the panel’s investigation. Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told Newsweek the agency is reviewing the request and the costs of trips with the former president. Still, he said it was “absolutely necessary” for agents to stay close to the Commander-in-Chief to protect him.

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