Trump: “Biden Is Taking Orders From the Easter Bunny”


( – Former President Rutherford B. Hayes hosted the first White House Easter Egg Roll in 1878. Since then, the tradition has become one of Washington’s highest-profile events. However, this year’s celebration left several pundits and politicos scratching their heads and prompted a response from former President Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden fielded questions from reporters during the Easter Sunday event. Suddenly, a staff member dressed as the Easter Bunny intervened and hastily ushered the president away from the media. Donald Trump weighed in on the incident during an Ohio rally to support GOP Senate candidate JD Vance on Saturday, April 23.

The former president mocked the current POTUS for not being mentally present while turning to shake someone’s hand that wasn’t there and twirling in a circle. Trump also said America has a president that walks around bewildered.

Then, Trump played the Easter Bunny Card — The 45th president mocked Biden for apparently taking orders from the Easter Bunny instead of giving them as a confident Commander in Chief.

In a nod to GOP midterm candidates, Trump said voters needed to vote for Republicans to take the country back from deranged extremists. Many Americans may share similar sentiments.

According to RealClearPolitics, Biden’s approval rating is in the low 40s. Only 28% of voters believe the country is heading in the right direction.

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