Trump Calls Patriots To ACTION — Latest Rally Makes Intentions Clear

Trump Calls Out Leftist Tyranny -- Says It's Time To 'Stand Up'

Trump Calls Out Leftist Tyranny — Says It’s Time To ‘Stand Up’

( – Ahead of the midterm elections, Republican candidates are walloping Democrats hard on the economy, inflation, and crime. With the election just under a month away, Donald Trump is hitting the campaign trail to support GOP hopefuls. On Saturday, October 8, the former president stopped in Nevada to boost US Senate candidate Adam Laxalt (R-NV) and gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo while encouraging Republicans to stand up to Democrats by voting them out of office.

Trump said the Left has done a poor job running the country since January 2021 and hit them on issues ranging from the economy to foreign policy. He blamed leftist politicians for destroying the country with high inflation, illegal immigration, and crime. The former Commander-in-Chief also accused the Democrats of spying, silencing, and locking up their political opponents.

Trump didn’t stop there. He also encouraged voters to stand up to the “growing tyranny” by voting against leftists on Tuesday, November 8. He stressed that America didn’t have time to wait and said lefty liberals would win if good people did nothing. The former president added that it could take six consecutive years to restore America to greatness and said Republicans must keep fighting.

As gas prices rise again and inflation runs wild, Trump stated things could worsen if Democrats win the midterm election. He stressed that families, communities, and the country would never recover.

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