Trump Devastated by “Weaponized” FBI Targeting MyPillow CEO

Trump Devastated by

Trump DEVASTATED by the News – Concerning Update Released

( – The FBI acted on a search warrant and rummaged through the belongings of former President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago home on August 8. The Justice Department said it obtained sensitive, government-classified materials during the raid. It seems the former president isn’t the FBI’s only target. On Tuesday, September 13, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell stated federal agents approached him and seized his cell phone at a Hardee’s fast food restaurant in Mankato, Minnesota. The result of the interaction prompted Trump to say that Americans now live in a “weaponized police state.” He added that the government has rigged elections, and America is a laughing stock.

Lindell said the FBI agents provided him with a search warrant and a letter saying it was part of a federal investigation by a grand jury in Colorado. The CEO stated he runs his businesses from the device, calling the act a weaponization of the FBI and emphasizing it was “disgusting.”

He said the federal authorities questioned him about his claims regarding Dominion Voting Systems and recently indicted Colorado Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters. Authorities charged her with attempting to influence a public servant, official misconduct, and criminal impersonation.

Peters was present with Lindell in an August 2021 cyber symposium hosted by the television commercial celebrity. The event sought to prove someone manipulated voting machines in a voter fraud scheme that led to Trump’s defeat by Joe Biden. He said Mesa County was one place where it occurred.

FBI spokesperson Vikki Migoya noted she couldn’t comment specifically but confirmed that agents executed a search warrant in the area.

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