Trump Faces Harsh Criticism for Constitution Comments

Trump Faces Harsh Criticism for Constitution Comments

( – New Twitter CEO Elon Musk released sensitive internal discussions on Friday, December 2, regarding the platform’s October 2020 suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, known as the “Twitter Files.” Ahead of the presidential election, the social media giant censored an exclusive New York Post report on its platform over concerns unknown parties might have hacked the laptop, amounting to electronic theft. Later, then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he regretted the move to ban the story from the site.

On December 10, 2022, former President Donald Trump responded to Musk’s recent disclosure on Truth Social. He wrote about the fraud and deception surrounding the 2020 presidential election reportedly perpetrated by the Democratic National Party and Big Tech companies.

Trump asked whether the actions should cause the courts to throw out the election results and declare a new winner or require another election. He also suggested the fraud was so pervasive it could allow for the “termination of all rules… even those found in the Constitution.”

As one might expect, the former president received harsh criticism regarding his suggestion it was time to scrap the US Constitution. For instance, former New Jersey governor and potential 2024 presidential candidate Chris Christie lashed out at Trump’s remark stating that it should be that difficult to admit that the 2020 election is over. Likewise, Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH), the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said he “vehemently” disagreed with Trump’s post.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said Americans hold the more than two-century-old document sacred because it ensures freedoms and the rule of law. He stated it brings Americans together and noted that elected officials swear an oath to uphold it. He said Americans should condemn Trump’s statement.

Numerous Democratic lawmakers chimed in as well to condemn the statement. However, for the time being, top Republicans like current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) have remained largely quiet about the post.

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