Trump Flips The Script On CNN

Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

( – ┬áRather than press incumbent President Joe Biden about his administration’s record, CNN’s moderators for the Presidential debate focused their questions on former President Donald Trump’s legal woes.

However, their gotcha questioning allowed Trump to pivot his talking points to highlight Hunter Biden and the President’s potential criminality.

Trump stated President Biden is a “criminal,” but was “lucky,” because he is currently the sitting President.

During the debate on CNN, Trump responded to co-moderator Jake Tapper’s questions about his legal troubles, stating that his “retribution is going to be success.”

Trump added that given a second team, he’d make the U.S. “successful again,” suggesting the country’s current status as a “failing nation.”

The former President also pointed out that when Biden discusses “convicted felon,” his son is a “convicted felon at a very high level.”

Trump highlighted that not only had Hunter Biden “been convicted,” he was also likely to be “convicted… numerous other times,” adding that the President’s son “should have been convicted before,” but the Department of Justice allowed the “statute of limitations” to “lapse on the most important things.”

However, Trump suggested the President wasn’t out of the clear yet and “could be a convicted felon as soon as he gets out of office.”

Turning to Biden, Trump stated the President might become “a convicted felon” given what he’s done, listing “horrible things,” like the border deaths and refusing to give Ukraine $1 billion unless they changed their prosecutor.

Trump noted he had never done anything like that, claiming Biden “is a criminal” but was “lucky,” contrasting that with his innocence by stating he “did nothing wrong,” and instead the “system… was rigged.”

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