Trump Had Nuclear Top Secrets That Only a Few People Knew Existed

Trump Had Nuclear Top Secrets That Only a Few People Knew Existed

Trump DOCUMENT Revelation – It’s Top Secret!

( – On Monday, August 8, the FBI initiated a first-of-its-kind raid in US history. Federal officials executed a search warrant to go through former President Donald Trump’s home. The broadly approved warrant allowed investigators to comb throughout the mansion while looking for classified documents and other government property the Department of Justice believed Trump took with him from the White House.

Soon after the raid, leaks began emerging that investigators found nuclear secrets among the documents. So far this year, the ex-president reportedly turned over 300 classified papers to the National Archives. Last month, the FBI allegedly took over 100 classified and approximately 11,197 records. Another report stated the FBI seized 31 “confidential” documents, 54 items marked “secret, and 18 “top secret” reports. Now, reports have emerged that some of the information was so secret only a few people even knew it existed.

What Did the FBI Find?

On Tuesday, September 6, a Washington Post report emerged indicating one retrieved document included a foreign government’s nuclear capabilities. Other seized assets included top-secret US operations so sensitive most senior national security officials had no idea they existed. Only the president, a few cabinet members, and top administration and intelligence community officials had the authorization to know the information existed.

The Washington Post noted someone with knowledge of the investigation leaked the news on the condition their identity remained anonymous. The paper stated the details were so secretive the government would typically keep them hidden and securely locked in a compartmented information facility. Officials say the classified documents they discovered at Mar-a-Lago weren’t properly secured or stored. Additionally, a designated officer would keep tabs on the location of the items.

So, it makes one wonder, how did they get to Mar-a-Lago without anyone knowing for 18 months?

Team Trump Appalled at the Leak

Trump lawyer Christopher Kise said the leak to the Washington Post showed no respect for the legal process or the truth. He also stated it didn’t serve the interests of justice and would erode the public’s confidence and trust in the justice system’s integrity.

The former Commander in Chief said the rumors were a hoax. He suggested the FBI planted the documents, provided they were even at his property as alleged. He also said it was more of the same, referencing claims of Russia collusion, two impeachments, and the ill-fated Mueller investigation.

Speaking with The Independent, the former president’s communications director, Taylor Budowich, accused The Washington Post of “colluding” with the FBI and said the paper is “the propaganda arm of the Biden administration.” Still, he didn’t deny or confirm the report.

This story continues to evolve.

Stay tuned as new information becomes available.

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