Trump Has These 4 Special Powers – Here’s Why

Trump Has These 4 Special Powers - Here's Why

( – As President of the United States, Donald Trump is perhaps the most powerful man on earth. There is no other single person with the level of influence he has when directing policy and making executive decisions in the United States.

However, his authority is not unlimited. Many people think of the president as an all-powerful ruler, but the truth is he must work with both Congress and the courts on most things.

To make this all a little clearer, it’s worth looking at some of the most significant powers held by the president.

1.  Executive Orders

As head of the executive branch, which also includes the vice-president, the Cabinet, and the federal agencies, the president can sign executive orders of many types. He can instruct federal agencies (such as the FBI, ICE, and the Department of Homeland Security) to act as he sees fit, provided he is allowed this power under the Constitution or relevant legislation.

Unlike laws, though, executive orders are easily reversible; another president could undo Trump’s orders with the stroke of a pen.

2.  Commander in Chief

One of the president’s most famous responsibilities is his role as commander-in-chief of the armed forces. He can direct the various military branches to act as he pleases. It is also the president who holds access to the nuclear launch codes. However, he cannot declare war without Congressional approval.

Donald Trump’s presidency has been a decidedly dovish one. He has consistently avoided unnecessary military engagement, unlike his recent predecessors.

3.  Power of Veto

The Senate and the House of Representatives collectively make up the legislative branch, meaning they must draft bills to make laws. The president only involves himself in this process upon completion of the bills; at that point, he must decide whether to sign them into law or exercise his veto power.

Donald Trump has used the presidential veto eight times since he took office.

4.  Negotiation With Foreign Nations

As the president, Donald Trump is tasked with representing America in foreign negotiations. Diplomacy is perhaps the arena in which he has enjoyed the greatest success during his time in the White House. He repaired relations with North Korea in 2019 after decades of mistrust and helped broker a number of peace agreements in the Middle East earlier this year.

Donald Trump has dispatched all of these duties with dedication and tenacity during his time in the White House. He may not have made many friends in Washington, D.C., while he was doing it, but he has always put the interests of the American people first.

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