Trump Ignores Pride Month With New Strategy

Photo by Sophie Emeny on Unsplash

( – The Biden campaign honored Pride Month with a number of engagements and ads alongside important LGBTQ figures and local groups in an attempt to motivate voters ahead of the 2024 November election. 

However, former President Donald Trump’s campaign appears to be taking an entirely different approach as there has been no mention of Pride Month in any of their messaging. This move is aligned with the way that Trump had handled the LGBTQ community during his years in the White House when he had opted to not put out any proclamation in recognition of them. 

Trump and his allies have predominantly focused their pitch for the upcoming election on his economic policies and handling of the border. Most of the messaging is specifically targeting how this approach is beneficial to several communities including the LGBTQ community. 

Still, Trump has also in the past attacked transgender athletes and has promised to reverse the Biden administration’s policies that provide protection to transgender students.

Karoline Leavitt, Trump’s campaign spokesperson, put out a statement in which she pointed out that Trump with his second term agenda of reducing taxes and lowering criminality rates across the United States is going to be creating a much safer environment for ALL Americans regardless of what their sexual orientation or religion and race is. 

Trump campaign officials and Republicans argued that outreach to the LGBTQ community needed to be decentralized rather than focused on Pride Month. 

Centrist think tank the Independent Center surveyed 600 LGBTQ Americans to find that 56 percent stated that they would definitely support Biden while only 28 percent said the same for Trump.

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