Trump Is Worried We’re on the Brink of WWIII

Trump Is Worried We're on the Brink of WWIII

( – Throughout history, minor disagreements and skirmishes ended up resulting in major wars. On Wednesday, January 19, President Joe Biden answered questions from reporters for nearly two hours. At one point, he created a faux pas that many foreign affairs experts blasted when he suggested it’s okay if Russia invades Ukraine so long as it’s a minor incursion. The prospect for war is growing daily since the Kremlin sent over 100,000 soldiers and a massive amount of military hardware to the Ukrainian/Russian border. Russia has demanded the West stop infringing on its western border and says it should not allow Ukraine to join NATO.

Former President Donald Trump recently weighed in on the controversy. The former president said Biden’s statement was psychologically weak and an open invitation to invade Ukraine.

Recently, Biden suggested he might send upwards of 50,000 soldiers to Europe to protect Ukraine. Trump said Biden would start World War III if he followed through on that threat. Trump said under his leadership, Russia would’ve never moved their military to the border, and no one would find themselves in this situation. He said Russia was laughing at the United States over Biden’s ineptitude.

Trump also warned Biden’s weakness wasn’t just a problem in Ukraine. The former president warned that after the winter Olympics, China would probably invade Taiwan.

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