Trump Lawyer Chews Out Jack Smith

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Special Counsel Jack Smith made a late filing on Friday in which he urged the judge in the classified documents case to stop former President Donald Trump from continuing to push forward his claims that FBI agents had instructions that they could kill him during the raid of his Mar-a-Lago estate. 

In the filing, Smith’s team argued that the statements made by Trump were “inflammatory” and that he was intentionally presenting the wrong narrative. It added that these allegations by Trump were going against the limitations that had been put on the former President as part of the pretrial release conditions. 

On Monday, Trump’s legal team responded to the filing arguing that what the Department of Justice was arguing for would be an “unconstitutional gag order.” They added that Smith’s team needed to be sanctioned as they had not conferred with the defense prior to having their motion filed, which was in violation of the orders of the judge. 

Prosecutors requested Judge Aileen Cannon to provide further clarifications about how Trump can not be making any statements that could be dangerous for law enforcement agents that are employed in this case. Trump’s claims that the FBI had instructions that they could assassinate him if necessary, come from the standard language that had been prepared before the raid which specifically blocks officers from using deadly force unless their lives, or the lives of another person are in imminent physical danger. 

The Trump campaign has gone as far as to send out a campaign email that includes Trump’s claims that they could assassinate him.  

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