Trump OBLITERATES Dems With Genius-Level Strategy

Trump Election Strategy Takes Off Before Midterms

Trump Election Strategy Takes Off Before Midterms

( – As a Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump flew his famous personal plane to battleground states in 2016. He held massive campaign rallies with thousands of people, speaking directly to voters. Since then, the former president has kept up the schedule of public appearances and held numerous events for candidates he endorsed for the 2022 midterm elections. One might believe those who attend the signature rallies are regular attendees, but his strategy ahead of the November 8 election may tip the scales in favor of those the former Command-in-Chief endorsed.

Trump’s strategy has been to energize the party’s base through massive campaign events in battleground states. Additionally, he’s also trying to attract new attendees who don’t typically show up to vote in a midterm election — and it appears to be working. A Trump team member told Fox News that half of those who registered in the last five rallies in September and October were people who had never attended one.

Data showed that 54% of the attendees in Michigan and North Carolina earlier in October had never been to one of the former president’s prior signature events. In Ohio, 61% had never participated in a rally. The pattern repeated in Nevada (56%) and Arizona (55%).

The source told Fox the rallies were introducing new voters to Trump-endorsed candidates in the final stretch leading up to the election and stated it was the “kind of energy” that could result in a massive victory for Republicans.

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