Trump Offer REVEALED – Putin Involved?!

Trump Wants To Negotiate With Putin Now

Trump Wants To Negotiate With Putin Now

( – In 2017, then-President Donald Trump said it would be a positive development if the United States could “get along with Russia.” For months leading up to the statement, some criticized him as too cozy to one of America’s top adversaries. Still, they noted that conditions might have been unfavorable to negotiate or get along with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now, Trump says he’s concerned over a recent development involving Russia and wants to negotiate a deal immediately before the world falls apart.

On Wednesday, September 28, European leaders said sabotage likely caused leaks in two Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines. The pipelines are a significant issue in the energy war between Russia and European countries. The European Commission warned if the Russians deliberately harmed its energy infrastructure, it would lead to a strong response.

The former president commented on the matter on his Truth Social profile. He said the US should remain calm regarding the “SABOTAGE” of the pipelines. He warned it was an issue that shouldn’t involve a big solution at this time and called on the government to be “smart” in its response. He advised starting negotiations immediately and striking a deal “NOW.” He emphasized the world was “at stake” and said he would head up the negotiations.

So, what do you think?

Would it be wise for the government to allow Trump to negotiate a deal?

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