Trump Officials Tried to Deploy Troops at Capital

Trump Officials Tried to Deploy Troops at Capital

( – New facts continue to emerge regarding the January 6 Capitol Hill riot. For months, the media perpetuated the narrative that Donald Trump did nothing to prevent what happened. However, new documents reveal Trump requested the deployment of National Guardsmen to protect the city and Capitol Hill but met with resistance down the military’s chain of command.

It appears that someone in the Pentagon obstructed the Commander in Chief. After the 2020 summer riots in DC, media and liberal sources made unflattering accusations against the military presence in the nation’s capital. The Pentagon apparently feared another public relations backlash in the days leading up to, and including January 6.

As it turns out, President Trump approved the use of the National Guard to protect Washington, DC, and the Capitol Complex. Mayor Murial Bowser refused to use them, and the Army tried to obstruct the president’s order.

Over what? Optics. How’s that working for them, now?

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