Trump Outraises Biden in April Campaign

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – With just over five months until ballots are cast in the 2024 Presidential election in November, former President Donald Trump surpassed President Joe Biden in fundraising for the very first time. 

On Monday, Biden’s campaign announced that alongside the Democratic National Committee, they had raised $51 million in April, significantly less than the $76 million Trump and the Republican National Committee raised over the same period. 

Taking to social media, the RNC lauded Trump’s fundraising efforts, highlighting that the RNC had “outraised Biden” in April. 

In March, Biden and the DNC led Trump and the RNC by $25 million, making April’s figures a fundraising switch.  

Although Biden had outpaced Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, in monthly fundraising, the former President’s campaign received a significant boost in April when they hauled in $50.5 million at a single event. 

The event, held early in April, was hosted at the Palm Beach home of billionaire investor John Paulson and attended by well-heeled GOP donors. 

However, the Biden campaign still considers their April haul a win, highlighting that since Biden announced his re-election bid, they have raised $473 million. They also revealed that by the end of April, they had $192 million in their war chest, suggesting that Trump “trails badly in cash on hand.” 

The President’s campaign also touted the numerous small-dollar donations from “grassroots donors,” adding that in April, the campaign added a “million more supporters” to its mailing list.

They also criticized Trump’s fundraising efforts which focus on “courting billionaires,” suggesting he would max out fundraising early in the cycle.

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