Trump Picking Ron DeSantis Could Guarantee a GOP Victory

Trump Picking Ron DeSantis Could Guarantee a GOP Victory

This Trump Decision Could Guarantee a GOP Victory

( – Although the 2022 elections are less than two weeks away, some are already anticipating the unofficial launch of the 2024 presidential election cycle. Traditionally, speculation about potential candidates starts building almost immediately after a midterm election. Still, some think former President Donald Trump has positioned himself for an announcement he will run again in 2024. If he does, would he choose Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) as his vice presidential running mate?

Some believe they would be a powerhouse candidacy. Still, how realistic is the pairing? A few things need to occur so as not to put the cart ahead of the horse. First, Trump must formally announce his intention to seek the GOP nomination. Then, he has to win it. That won’t be a small feat, especially if DeSantis also decides to run in the Republican primary.

If Trump wins the primary, he must ask DeSantis to run with him. That might not make sense for one reason. Both men are from Florida. Usually, presidential candidates pick a running mate from a state that can help them. Finally, DeSantis would have to accept an invitation to join the campaign. In this case, he might accept if only for ambition’s sake. The vice presidency has historically provided a jumping point into presidential politics. It could make him the automatic 2028 GOP leader.

Still, anything can happen between now and the summer of 2024.

Stay tuned.

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