Trump Releases Campaign-Style Video Exposing “A Nation in Decline” After FBI Raid

Trump Releases Campaign-Style Video Exposing

WATCH: Trump Releases URGENT VIDEO After FBI Raid

( – On Monday, August 8, the FBI made an unprecedented move and raided the home of former President Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, reportedly looking for various government records at the estate. Retired FBI agent Michael Tabman said an informant likely tipped the bureau off regarding missing White House records. In January, federal officials seized 15 boxes from the resort the government stated belonged to the National Archives.

Trump didn’t take the news idly. Late Monday night, he released a campaign-style ad on his social media site, Truth Social. The former chief executive warned that the United States was “a failing nation” and discussed America‚Äôs current downhill trajectory.

The potential 2024 presidential candidate cautioned about the dangers of sky-high inflation, exploding energy prices, and crime. He said the government was begging socialist Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for help.

The former president also said America is a nation that has “weaponized its law enforcement against the opposing political party.” He emphasized the press was no longer responsible, fair, or free. Instead of a nation of liberty, Trump claimed it was hostile to faith and freedom.

The video concluded with a contrast. Despite the fast decline of America in just 18 months, the previous Commander in Chief said America “will have greatness again.” He expressed optimism and hope that hardworking people would save the nation and believed victory was theirs. He stated we wouldn’t bend, break, or give in to the tyrants.

So, was Trump alluding to a 2024 presidential campaign?

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