Trump Says Biden Is a “Disaster”

Trump Says Biden Is a

( – In 2016, then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ran on Making America Great Again. At this point in Joe Biden’s presidency, one must wonder: Is Joe Biden trying to Make America Fail Again? Eight months into Biden’s presidency, the polls began to suggest a significant shift. Some believed it was due to the Afghanistan pullout fiasco. By late November, the president’s approval ratings continued to reach new lows, suggesting many Americans aren’t pleased with the lack of leadership or the direction Biden is taking America.

It’s getting so bad for Biden, 9 of 10 of the most popular governors are Republicans, and all of them have higher approval ratings. In fact, Biden’s approval ratings are lower than the country’s least popular governor. On Friday, November 26, former President Trump shared why he believes Biden is a disaster for America.

Trump Tears Into Biden

In crisis after crisis, Trump said Biden inflamed people with destructive policies. Perhaps Biden’s most combative argument against Trump during the 2020 presidential election was COVID-19. On October 22, 2020, Biden promised to end the pandemic. He hasn’t done that at all.

Trump told Fox Business host David Asman he wanted Biden to be successful in combating COVID-19. Instead, Trump said, he’s been a disastrous failure. The former Commander in Chief said Biden contributed significantly to more deaths on his watch. That’s despite the vaccines created during Operation Warp Speed and the therapeutics developed under the Trump administration.

The former president didn’t stop there. Trump hit Biden on the fast-rising pace of inflation. Many economists, including former Clinton and Obama Cabinet and Treasury officials, blamed Biden and Democrats’ $2 trillion relief bill for the most recent wave of inflation that began to take hold in the late spring. The president and his economic advisers claimed inflation was transitory. It’s not, and it could continue past 2023.

Trump walloped Biden on two issues helping to drive inflation. Gasoline prices and supply chain problems. In January, Biden declared war on energy companies by revoking the Keystone XL permit, forbidding drilling on federal lands, and instituting costly regulations on the energy industry. The former president reminded us America was energy-independent under his watch. Now, Biden’s asking OPEC to bail him out, but they are unwilling to do so at this point.

Trump said Biden lied so much during the 2020 campaign he’s not surprised at what’s happening today. The former president said Biden lied about imposing a vaccine mandate, shutting down oil pipelines, and taking away people’s Second Amendment rights for self-defense.

How much worse can it get? Let’s hope we never find out. In the meantime, speculation continues to grow about whether Trump will run in 2024.

Stay tuned. You never know what the former Commander in Chief may or may not do in the months ahead.

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