Trump Says Biden Is Making Threats of “Possible Use of Military Force”

Trump Says Biden Is Making Threats of

Trump Reports “Possible Use of MILITARY FORCE”

( – Over the last several weeks, President Joe Biden has sharpened his attacks against “MAGA” Republicans, referring to them as “semi-fascists.” On Thursday, September 1, the current White House occupant gave a primetime speech outside the walls of Independence Hall. He accused Republicans who support former President Donald Trump of not respecting the US Constitution, believing in the rule of law, or accepting the results of an election. In response, the esteemed GOP statesman had a few thoughts of his own that he shared on Truth Social after the big speech.

Trump responded in kind, saying Biden came off as angry and awkward. Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, the former president said the current POTUS threatened America and insinuated he could use military force.

Just a few days earlier, Biden lambasted supporters of the Second Amendment who say it’s necessary as a tool to protect themselves from an out-of-control government. He said if Conservatives wanted to fight America, they would need an F-15 or something more potent than a gun.

Regardless, the ex-president wasn’t impressed with Biden’s theatrical environment or speech. Earlier, he posted that the Left doesn’t understand the MAGA movement. Trump stated if Biden isn’t interested in Making America Great Again, he shouldn’t serve as the nation’s leader.

What do you think? Does Trump have a point?

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