Trump Says Democrats’ Plan Is to “Abolish” Southern Border

Trump Says Democrats Plan Is to

( – For six months, President Joe Biden did all he could to dismantle former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. The consequences were predictable. In February, migrants from Central America who believed Biden’s campaign rhetoric that America would welcome them with open arms swarmed the US southern border. It hasn’t let up since, and instead, the number of migrants coming illegally to the southern border intensified and set records.

In Donald Trump’s four years as president, he:

  • Cut off the flow of illegal immigration,
  • Started construction of the wall,
  • Ended the Obama-era policy of catch and release, and
  • Instituted a “Remain in Mexico” policy that forced migrants to apply for asylum in the first available country based on international law.

On Thursday, June 30, Trump lambasted Biden and claimed that the Democrats’ goal is to ultimately “abolish” the US southern border.

Trump Goes After Biden Over Explosive Number of Illegal Immigrants

In 2016, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump defeated Democratic contender Hillary Clinton. Immigration was a massive part of the campaign. Trump often spoke at length of how illegal immigration hurt Americans – both financially and criminally. In a new Washington Times op-ed, Trump repeated some of the same lines, but this time he could speak from experience as a former president.

Trump didn’t mince words when speaking to reporters ahead of a planned trip to the southern border. He said it might be the first time a nation “purposely and systematically” ignored its own laws and invited millions of people to walk right into a country brazenly. He called the current situation a calamity, and he might be onto something.

In May alone, illegal border crossings topped 180,000, surpassing previous records set in March and April. In March, 173,000 illegal migrants were apprehended. Not to be outdone, 178,000 were caught in April. In the first four months of Biden’s presidency, 530,000 illegal immigrants were caught compared to 350,000 at the same time in 2019.

In March and April, many migrants wore T-shirts thanking Biden for inviting them to America.

Trump called Biden’s actions “vindictive, shocking, and self-defeating.” The former president claimed it appears Biden wants to “completely abolish America’s southern border.” Reminding America of what’s at stake, Trump returned to a familiar refrain.

“A nation without borders is not a nation at all.”

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