Trump Says He Intends to Visit Border Soon

Trump Says He Intends to Visit Border Soon

( – Republicans continually press President Biden to visit the southern border to experience the tragedy developing in migrant detention facilities as his administration refuses to call it a crisis. Instead, it’s just a “challenge.”

After Biden’s reversal of several key immigration policies put in effect by former President Donald Trump, detention facilities are overpopulated as more people head north from Central American to the United States. In February alone, 100,000 crossed the border illegally.

If Biden won’t go to the border to see the problems caused by his policies, Trump says he will.

On Saturday night, the former President told Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro that Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are encouraging him to see what’s happening for himself. Trump said that he felt he owed to the hard-working people at the border whose job is impossible due to Biden’s policies.

The former president tore into Biden for reversing his Stay in Mexico policy and re-instituting catch and release.

Trump added that thousands of people are moving northward, and millions could pour into the country. He said if that happens, it could destroy the United States.

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