Trump Says His Fans Will Be Excited About Upcoming News

Trump Says His Fans Will Be Excited About Upcoming News

( – Although Twitter and Facebook censored and banned former President Donald Trump, he still has a way of making big news on their platforms. Across the country on Tuesday, February 15, millions of Americans got excited after Trump teased them. The question is, what did the tease mean?

On Twitter, Donald Trump Jr. broke the news that the former president posted for the first time on his new social media platform, Truth Social. Trump told his fans to get ready, and they would see him soon. Twitter lit up like the Griswold Christmas home. One could sense the power draining from Twitter’s servers. Trump Jr.’s announcement trended immediately despite the ban from the liberal social media platform.

So, once again, all eyes could be on the 45th president despite all of the targeted censorship since 2019. Currently, Truth Social is undergoing beta testing, and only a select few are allowed to participate while developers work to streamline the service. On Apple’s app store, Truth Social says it will launch officially on President’s Day, February 21. The CEO of TMTG, Trump’s social media company, former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), said the site would likely go live by the end of March.

The platform reportedly looks similar to Twitter and allows its members to follow other members and trending topics. Instead of referring to posts as tweets, the new platform will call their posts “Truths.”

As Trump’s new site makes its debut, expect the former president to draw the interest and ire of the media. In the 1980s, Trump declared all media was good media. He clearly knows how to use them to promote his brands. The question is, will Truth Social help him make a run at the presidency in 2024?

Stay tuned.

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